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Porto Katsiki and Egremni, the most famous beaches of the island of Lefkada, which are also amongst the best beaches in the Mediterranean, are within a short drive.


Monodentri residence has access to Vassiliki and also to the close villages of Syvota and Saint Petros. If you are off to an excursion there are many routes that you can choose. You can visit the Marantohori lagoon which is unique, the Saints John's Monastery in Rodaki, built upon an ancient temple that has great views, as well as S. Georges, Evgiro's prehistorical cave, and go for swimming to Amousso bay and the little white beach of Agiofili.


Also the visitors can take the route towards the mountains of Kondarena to see the barns, as well as towards Sivro (with waterfalls) and the old residences of Tsarlaba family in Spartia, to Vasiliki, to Ponti, and to the breathtaking Nira's cape, where the legend of poet Sapho still lives.

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